I.D.Y.L.L.Z - a hip hop group from St. Louis, Missouri, founded in 2010 by Freenzy, D-Rock and Jay.R The Prince. The group acronym and name pronounced “Idols” stands for Individual, Dudes, You, Love, Listening, 2! expressing individuality, overall originality and telling lessons of today's generation from their upbringing and perspective growing up in the streets of St. Louis.

Since the ages of 15 the group have built their own network through their self made entertainment umbrella “Down or Out Entertainment LLC” and taking themselves as their own artist.

“Our goal is to make music for the masses and unify more STL rappers to put the Midwest on the map!” - I.D.Y.L.L.Z







Our Debut project PEACE, our introduction into who the I.D.Y.L.L.Z are. Infused with jazzy sounds, core Hip-Hop elements and smooth flows PEACE is an call for action!


As The Game Begins

"As The Game Begins" the next piece to the I.D.Y.L.L.Z catalog brining dope flows, catchy hooks and dope beats watch as the trio tell the story of the Price Of Fame. COMING SOON SEPTEMBER 29th LINK UNAVAILABLE 



by I.D.Y.L.L.Z

Mixing a perpetual blend of old school and new school sounds, Midwest Hip Hop trio The I.D.L.L.Y.Z prepare to ride a new wave with their free album PEACE.

Comprised of JayR The Prince, Freenzy and D-Rock, The I.D.Y.L.L.Z have been perfecting their signature sound and moving music around the St. Louis and Chicago areas since 2010. Priding themselves on mixing genres to create a new vibe, The I.D.Y.L.L.Z (Individuals Dudes You Love to Listen 2) beautifully mesh Pop, spoken word and Jazz with new and old school Hip Hop elements to create something fresh, funky and diverse!

PEACE is a call to action! Infused with dynamic lyricism, flavorful features and a St. Louis swag unmatched in any other city, The I.D.L.L.Y.Z stay true to the beat; reinventing the magical feeling the floods listeners when the lyrics and the rhythm sink perfectly to create a musical masterpiece.

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